Spandex Table Cover Fitted Polyester Tablecloth(Incomplete encirclement)


size: 4FT
color: White
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  • Polyester,spandex
  • 1. SIZE : Fits a standard 48"L x 24" W x 30" H table. Open Back White Table Cover
  • 2. Durable : Our open back table covers are heavier than most of the tablecovers on the market. It means our table covers are thicker so that can??£¤t see through it. Pockets for legs are designed for keeping the tablecloth securely in place and extending their service lives
  • 3. High Quality Materia : Wrinkle and stain resistant stretch spandex fabric. Easy laundering in your home washing machine-just wash with cold water and household detergent. Does not require ironing and can be laundered countless times
  • 4. Open back design : You can conveniently store things under the table without being seen by people in front of the table. Sit down and put your feet in. Our table cover can reduce your time to set up a party/ meeting decor. Make the table feel professional or interesting
  • 5. Multiple Colors, More Choices : In order to meet your needs for different scene decoration, we offer 30+ colors for you to choose from. Excellent for the standard 6ft buffet table, parties, meeting registration, holiday dinner, wedding, birthday party, Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner and more.

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