Water weight bag for pop-up Canopy(4pcs)


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Product Description

Why to choose ABCCANOPY Weight Bag:

Are you ever annoyed by the wind shaking your canopy tent?You need a set of weights!

This universal weight bags can be filled with Sand, Rocks, water or any available material nearby.

All these weight bags can fit differents of canopies for different usage: beach, travel, camping, booth......

Weight bags are perfect with canopy to protect from wind, rain and extreme weather. Indispensible accessories outdoor!


  • ?Use in the urban city: Don't worry no sands in urban city, just fill with water cyclically can hold your canopy tent as sandbags do.
  • ? Water and Windproof: User-friendly with an easy-grip handle and screw cap top, made with strong PVC waterproof Material, do not leak. Each weight bag with convenient velcro, hook and strap to wrap around the leg to your canopy, allowing it to withstand high wind and other weather elements.
  • ? Very easy to use and transport/carry??¡ìooThis ABCCANOPY water weights (Set of 4 Weight Bags) hold up to 10 Liters of water. Weight deflates for easy storage, save 90% more space. After deflated(only 6*6*2 in).
  • ? User-friendly design: The velcro straps are long enough to handle our 45* angle legs. Be suitable for leg sizes ranging from 15MM to 50MM. you could adjust them up and down as far as you needed, Just fill close flag and attach to your canopy for a secure stable set up.
  • ? Multiple Usages: Perfect for ABCCANOPY KINGKONG, DELUXE, RHINO, AWNING, and beach canopies.

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