S2 Premium 10x10/10x15/10x20 Canopy

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Color: White
Size: 10x10
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Love this tent!!

Thank had to amend my previous review. I love this brand. The tent is sturdy. A lot more sturdy than they were about 3 years ago. I’m super pleased at the upgrades and how easy set up and take down is. If I need to purchase another one, it will be this brand for sure!!

Nathan L. Perkins
Fairly easy set up

As a traveling crystal vendor I needed a pop-up tent that allowed me to protect my stock from the harsh elements and sun but also looked clean and neat. This tent definitely ticks those boxes. My only complaint is it is a little challenging to get the legs fully extended. Need a little muscle behind it compared to other tents I've used. Takes a about 20 minutes to fully put up including side panels. However ease of travel and take down is a total 10. All in all a pretty good product for anyone looking for a tent! Would recommend.

I read a review where they said you cannot fold it up with the cloth canopy attached to the frame but this is not true. It folded up just like any other and fit easily back into the bag with the canopy on it. You would need to remove the sidewalls however, but that has been the case with any canopy I have ever used.

When you get it out of the box if you were to expand just a little bit and then crawl inside, you can put your hand below the middle roof support in lift up. The entire canopy will expand itself out. Leave it quite low so that you can put the center support pieces in place (these will stay in place moving forward, they collapse with the frame) and then drape the entire canopy over the frame. With the roof cover mostly in place you can then lift it again from the center roof support slightly jostling it and all six legs will lock into place most of the time. The legs that don't lock are easily done one at a time. If you cannot lift 80 lb or so you will likely not be able to do this (should go without saying but if it's too heavy for you, you can't put it together without help anyway. If you can manage the weight it's easy to do).

One review says it's too heavy and you need help. If it is too heavy for you then this would be true. For many of us it is not true and at 5'8 with a non-muscular build I'm not a big guy.

One review said you cannot fold it up with a canopy roof on it but this is not true. It folds together roof attached like others and easily fits into the bag.

One review said it takes 30 minutes to an hour to put together. This would be true if you can't manage the weight or if you are not mechanically intelligent.

It is a big heavy duty canopy well constructed at a price point commensurate with what you get. I recommend it without hesitation.

M Patricia (Los Angeles, US)
Good quality tent

This tent is easy to put up and take down. The important thing to know about this tent, is the middle pole. Crank it down, for easy assembly. Make sure to crank it down before releasing all the legs and it will fold up beautifully. I highly recommend this tent.

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