13x13 Canopy Tent Outdoor Sun Shade

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Color: Gray
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    Pat Riddle (Charleston, US)
    Main plastic support piece does not last.

    Good Day,

    Love the canopy however, after only 6 months the center, main support that is made of plastic broke and I have been unable to find replacement part or even the name of the company. I searched the internet to find the company. It would seem that the main support would be made of metal just as the center pole is made of metal. The tent is used one day per week for a Farmer's Market Station. On the plastic center piece that you push up to fully open, there are 2 small plastic bead like pieces that pop into the pole to connect and bears the weight of the tent. Once one or both of the little bead like pieces either wear down, or in my case, broke off the center could never hold the weight of the tent. I am having to jury rig the center so I can use the canopy. What solution do you have for this problem? No where on the tent, canvas container or box was your company name or number of Customer Support to help me.

    Nohealani Mawae (Honolulu, US)
    Great purchase!

    I purchased a canopy from Amazon in February and it is awesome! It's design is perfect for any weather condition that may arise. It's also very strong and sturdy. My family uses it almost every day and I live in Hawaii where it's windy a lot and it's still going strong.

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