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S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
Lareina C. (Los Angeles, US)

high quality printing and a canopy that lasts. THis is our second one (first one got stolen) and it looks fantastic, is bright and people will notice you!

Budget friendly

We couldn't be happier with the AMAZING tent ABC tent designer for us!!!

Double Soft-Top Patio Gazebo (Mesh Wall)
Sharon Shallcross (Crossville, US)
Gazebo trouble

I purchased an 8x8 gazebo through Amazon and it was delivered on Saturday the 23rd. I am 79 years old and not in the best of health so my neighbors kindly put together the gazebo on Sunday the 24th. When I was sitting under the gazebo for the first time I noticed tiny holes in the canapy. Below you will see pictures of these multiple holes . I talked with Amazon and they want me to take the whole gazebo down and send it back. I am in no physical shape to do this. I wondered if you would replace the canapy part of the gazebo.

Very nice looking! Easy set up too

It’s a great umbrella! The tan matched the cushions on my bistro set very nicely. It’s easy to set up, I think all I had to do was insert poles then insert into a base I already had. It provides nice shade too. One of my better purchases.

Table Market Umbrella Patio Umbrella
Patricia M. (Los Angeles, US)
Love the orange

I love the happy orange color and style of this umbrella!

Great value

This umbrella is a great value for the price.
I am pleased with the color, fabric and the lights.

Great purchase!!!

This top looks and feels tough and should hold up well, we've had a lot of wind and rain since we put it on and so far I'm really happy with this replacement, the original lasted a long time and the frame was fine but really needed a new top and it fit perfect, ours was a commercial ez-up with high point on top and its perfect......

Custom Canopy Top (only)
max super (Santa Clara, US)
Wonderful Canopy Top

Very impressed with the quality. Quick turn around time.
Would highly recommend!

12FT Custom Feather Flag (one Flag)
Lareina C (Los Angeles, US)
Love this flag

Super fast delivery and ghigh quality printing.This flag is our second one (first one got stolen) and it looks fantastic, is bright and people will notice you!

Best Tent Ever!

I own a cottage law bakery and sell at local farmer's markets. This tent has been a game changer for me. I must admit, I had to google how to set it up, because the instructions that came with it were horrible. Once I learned how to set it up and take it down, it's flawless. It's also very sturdy, I've had it for about 2 years and it's still going strong. The windows are aesthetically pleasing, but in the summer, it's a hot box, because they do not allow for a breeze to come through. I wish they had the option of rolling up the plastic or even a mesh window to allow a breeze or the wind to pass through, because when it's really windy and if I have the walls up, the tent will basically "balloon" and lift. So I've opted not to use all the walls at the markets. Other than that, this tent is wonderful and so pretty.

Once you get use to it, it's pretty great

Okay, so why 4 stars? I have the ABC 10x10 Church Canopy and I LOVE it so much, but the windows are plastic and don't allow for air circulation, so it's basically a hot box in the summer. I was so excited when I saw the Mesh Sidewalls available on this site. When they came, I did a little dance and then I opened the packaging. Instead of the velcro band (like the walls that came with the tent) it was these individual velcro tabs. It's pretty time consuming, because you have to secure each individual tab and you have to make sure it's lined up properly so you can use the zippers to close it. This took some practice, but eventually I figured it out. Once it's up, it's so perfect. I receive a lot of compliments on my tent display. I understand they made it, so anyone with a 10x10 tent can use it, but I wish they made it with the single velcro strip like the walls that came with the tent.

Outdoor Beach Camping Canopy(1 Sun Wall)
Marian Carter (Mercersburg, US)
Nice Product - Canopy Needs Reinforcement circles

This is a very nice slant-let canopy. It's easy to assemble/disassemble. The only exception is that the canopy quickly begins to wear and tear in areas rubbing against the canopy bars when the canopy is assembled/disassembled. The canopy should be removed from the inner structure during storms/high winds to avoid flyaways. It would be nice to either reinforce these areas (specifically sew 2 round circles on each side of the canopy for a total of 8 reinforced areas to eliminate the material fraying and ultimately tearing OR provide adhesive circles for the customer to apply in the specific areas needed. In the current situation, the canopy will NOT last one season!

Commercial 8x16 Canopy (Clearance)-White Frame
Rauzy (Fremont, US)
Easiest set up ever!!! Definitely a must if you do vendor shows often!!!

I purchased the white 8x16 canopy which included the steel frame, travel bag w/wheels, canopy top, 3 side walls, a door wall, 6 sandbags for the legs (sand not included) and 4 ropes w/stakes. It doesn't actually state it in the description, but there are a total of 6 wall panels and you can place the door panels wherever is most convenient for your set up. The setup instructions are not very helpful and I had to watch a video to see what I was doing wrong. Technically an experienced person might be able to set this particular canopy up by themselves, but I'd highly suggest having someone help you. The sand bags have 2 chambers that need to be filled to help weigh down the canopy. Personally I used a total of 2.5 bags of QUIKRETE 0.5-cu ft 50-lb All-purpose Sand. The only minor complaints I have are one of my doorways is missing a velcro strap and at each pole where you zip the panels together there is a small gap where water could intrude when it rains. The gaps aren't surprising given where they're located and it's easy to remedy, but thought I should mention it, so people could be prepared. Also, this might be area specific, but for some reason bees/wasps love the peaks of my canopy. It's taken a little trial and error, but some strategically placed Irish Spring soap bars seems to be solving that problem. I'm in the PNW and it's summertime (no rain), so I can't say how weatherproof the canopy is, but it's been up for a little over a month with no issues.

Pull frame from bag
Pull open frame enough that you can fit the canopy top on all all 4 corners
Continue pulling frame open until you are able to fully extend all the trusses DO NOT try to extend the legs before this step
Extend legs to desired height equally ie opposite corners, then center legs
Attach sand bags and fill (I used a wide mouthed funnel to reduce spilling)
Install stakes

Top cover for 10x10 canopy(4 extra weight bags)
Patricia Juchniewicz (Perryville, US)
Canopy top torn by the second year

I used this canopy to cover a deck that is in the sun most of the day. First year if was up for 5 months during the spring and summer and it got through sun, wind and rain okay. Second year the metal peak started to tear through the canopy cover until it went through completely. I was disappointed the canopy top did not last longer. When I went to purchase a replacement canopy cover I saw it was only available with 4 sand bags included. I still have the sand bags from last year, I would have liked to have the option to purchase the canopy cover only.

S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
Peter (Fremont, US)
Excellent product

Really, really like this canopy. So much better quality than others I have purchased.

The Best!

Wow! I spent $550 on an umbrella FROM SOME OTHER COMPANY last year, it broke with in a couple months. This umbrella from ABC is made way better! The fabric alone is like nothing I have had in any umbrella ever! Very little light comes through the fabric. It beads water on top like crazy and never leaks. We went with the 11 footer and so happy we did. We can even set under it in light rain without getting wet. The lights are made very well and put off enough light to see what you are eating. It shipped very fast as well. You cant go wrong! Forget that junk they have at Lowes and buy from ABC!

ABCCANOPY Sidewall Walls (4 Walls Only)
Dominic Scroy (Warren, US)
Love it EXCEPT ....

I wanted all 3 sides and zipper front, when I ordered, the front was never displayed, so I bought 3 sides, so, do I have to return the 3 sides to get the front zipper opening ? As a set, not my fault.

Easiest set up ever!!! Definitely a must if you do vendor shows often!!!

I love this tent!!! I do about 3-5 shows a week so it gets a lot of use and I'm so thankful I got this one!!! The set up is the easiest one in the whole show and people are amazed when the see how fast I can put it up by myself. The only thing I didn't like was the weight bags that came with it. They don't stay closed and since I do so many shows and it gets windy where I live I have to make sure I have a full 25lbs in them at all time and these only hold about 20lbs...or less because of them falling over and not being closed so sand falls out little by little. I prefer the ones that wrap all the way around the leg and sits in the bottom flat part of the leg so I had to buy another set and just use these as a backup. Other than that the tent is amazing and I have recommended it to sooo many people! I just get inside it once it's opened a little and pop it up with one hand and then I can move it with the top cross bars anywhere I need to go. Easy peasy!!! Oh and I love that fact I can hang my suncatchers on the side bars and have no fear that they will break it! Definitely the best business decision to get this tent that I have made in a long time !!! ❤❤❤

S2 Premium Canopy(Packages)
M Patricia (Fremont, US)
Easy to set up and very sturdy!

I am so excited to be using this canopy. It is easy to set up by myself and I love how sturdy and secure it is. It is perfect as I do markets for my small business. It costs more than the ones you can buy at Walmart, but it is structurally superior. A great investment.

Patio Umbrella Half Round Outdoor Umbrella
Product info is incomplete. Hesitate to buy because of this (Cleveland, US)

What are dimensions on umbrella. Please state in feet and inches.

Hello Cleveland,the dimensions of the umbrella have been updated in the product description.Thank you for your input.

S1 Commercial 10x10 Custom Canopy
Jill Tidwell (Santa Clara, US)
Outstanding quality

Thank you ABC canopy for your superior customer service! You helped me with great e mail communication! This is rhe 2nd canopy that I have purchased from you, and the quality is so outstanding! Easy to put up and so strong! Perfect for the outdoor fairs That I do. Thank you again! Jill

S1 Commercial 10x10 Custom Canopy
M Patricia (Fremont, US)
Great purchase!!!

I really like my new custom Jellyfish Daydreams canopy that I designed. The first show I used it at, it got so much attention and drew the crowd right in! Very well made, heavy duty and well printed! It was the right decision to order this canopy, I foresee it lasting quite some time!

S2 Premium Series Pro-40 Canopy
M Patricia (Los Angeles, US)
Good quality tent

This tent is easy to put up and take down. The important thing to know about this tent, is the middle pole. Crank it down, for easy assembly. Make sure to crank it down before releasing all the legs and it will fold up beautifully. I highly recommend this tent.

Budget friendly

Budget friendly gazebo replacement!It's very durable.Thank you so much!