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Universal Roller Bag for Canopy
Gale’s Garden and bakery (Atlanta, US)
Premium 10 x 10 canopy, bag, broken wheel

Repurchases canopy in bag as a set One of the wheels broke off and got lost and I’m looking for a replacement red wheel with an axle. They seem to only have two types of wheels on their website and they keep asking me what kind of wheel it is like I’m stupid did you not read my emails correctly? The customer service is the pits. I will not recommend this product to anyone I know and we do weekly pop-ups, and I will be posting this review on my Facebook page for everyone to see worldwide plus informing Amazon on the poor customer service to obtain just a red wheel with an axle .

Unique customized work

I absolutely love this canopy. The logo and print are flawless. It looks exactly how I designed it. The materials are all of great quality. It will last me forever. It is easy to set up as well. I will be ordering my side walls soon! Thank y'all for exceptional service.

Large & Heavy but durable

We have bought several tents over the years and our last one got taken out by a thunder storm. Our sponsor. KT'S Property Management paid for this one and it is one of the heaviest duty tents we have ever owned. With that said, it is a heavy tent but best for the money. Would suggest buying weight bags for legs.Highly recommended.

Best Tent Ever!

Best Tent Ever!
I own a cottage law bakery and sell at local farmer's markets. This tent has been a game changer for me.Once I learned how to set it up and take it down, it's flawless. It's also very sturdy, I've had it for about 2 years and it's still going strong.

S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
Jack (Portland, US)
Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality.Ordered the 10x10 custom tent with back and side walls. arrived on time, and the quality of the tent and prints are excellent. Received many compliments on this tent already with people asking where it came from

ABCCANOPY Durable Easy Pop up Canopy Tent
Customer (Goodlettsville, US)

I have been trying to get help on a broken part for a week
Can’t get anyone to contact me just to buy a replacement part

Love this tent!!

Thank had to amend my previous review. I love this brand. The tent is sturdy. A lot more sturdy than they were about 3 years ago. I’m super pleased at the upgrades and how easy set up and take down is. If I need to purchase another one, it will be this brand for sure!!

Extremely strong and durable canopy

I'm very impressed with the strength and durability of the canopy. It is easy to setup as are most of the collapsable canopies. We tend to use ours a lot at the beach and there isn't any evidence of saltwater corrosion after a couple of months. I like the fact that you can tension up on the top of the canopy which prevents rain collection on top. The octagonal design eliminates any bending in higher winds. I bought this for the robustness of the canopy and I have not been disappointed. Two things could improve it. Firstly there is no vent at the peak of the canopy. So if you've got it set low, you can definitely get some hotter air underneath it on days with little to no wind. Secondly it is a little longer than normal. My last canopy could fit sideways in the back of my SUV, however I have to lay this one long ways which means I have to let a seat down in the back. Neither of these is a major issue, I would have just made the canopy a bit shorter, though others may like the fact you can drive a truck under it when fully extended.

Fairly easy set up

As a traveling crystal vendor I needed a pop-up tent that allowed me to protect my stock from the harsh elements and sun but also looked clean and neat. This tent definitely ticks those boxes. My only complaint is it is a little challenging to get the legs fully extended. Need a little muscle behind it compared to other tents I've used. Takes a about 20 minutes to fully put up including side panels. However ease of travel and take down is a total 10. All in all a pretty good product for anyone looking for a tent! Would recommend.

I read a review where they said you cannot fold it up with the cloth canopy attached to the frame but this is not true. It folded up just like any other and fit easily back into the bag with the canopy on it. You would need to remove the sidewalls however, but that has been the case with any canopy I have ever used.

When you get it out of the box if you were to expand just a little bit and then crawl inside, you can put your hand below the middle roof support in lift up. The entire canopy will expand itself out. Leave it quite low so that you can put the center support pieces in place (these will stay in place moving forward, they collapse with the frame) and then drape the entire canopy over the frame. With the roof cover mostly in place you can then lift it again from the center roof support slightly jostling it and all six legs will lock into place most of the time. The legs that don't lock are easily done one at a time. If you cannot lift 80 lb or so you will likely not be able to do this (should go without saying but if it's too heavy for you, you can't put it together without help anyway. If you can manage the weight it's easy to do).

One review says it's too heavy and you need help. If it is too heavy for you then this would be true. For many of us it is not true and at 5'8 with a non-muscular build I'm not a big guy.

One review said you cannot fold it up with a canopy roof on it but this is not true. It folds together roof attached like others and easily fits into the bag.

One review said it takes 30 minutes to an hour to put together. This would be true if you can't manage the weight or if you are not mechanically intelligent.

It is a big heavy duty canopy well constructed at a price point commensurate with what you get. I recommend it without hesitation.

Nice Canopy

The colors at this company are so unique. I always get so many compliments

Very surprised at the quality of this pop-up

WOW! Very surprised at the quality of this pop-up! The graphics are sharp, not bleeding, showed the detail, and how quickly this was put into production and shipped. Thank you ABC Canopy we will use you again!

Love our new tent!!

Omg! I absolutely love this canopy. The logo and print are flawless. It looks exactly how I designed it. The materials are all of great quality. It will last me forever. It is easy to set up as well. I will be ordering my side walls soon! Thank y'all for exceptional service.

S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
John R. (Santa Clara, US)

Very impressed with the quality. Quick turn around time. Love this blue package very much
Would highly recommend!

S2 Premium 10x20 Custom Canopy
Zach P. (Ashburn, US)
Nice Canopy

Sign Looks Great!

S2 Premium 10x20 Custom Canopy
J.d. (Santa Clara, US)
Love our new tent

ABC Canopys are affordable, durable and offer custom canopys for your company. We have used them for years. While they (like every canopy) are not the best in wind and rain, they offer additional parts should you encounter a crazy storm.

10x15 S2 Canopy

I ordered my 10x15 S2 white canopy on a Sunday, my debit card was charged within a day. Received my canopy on Friday. It came from the West Coast. The money was processed through Hong Kong. This thing is huge, 73 pounds. The roller bag is 5'2" tall. I will be using this at our next home game this coming Saturday. I have not set it up yet but everything came as promised, no problems with torn bag or other comments I have read about. I will write another review once I set it up for the first time. Looks to be a two person job. I live in Oregon so was advised to order the S2 version of this canopy due to wind and rain in Oregon.

S2 Premium 10x15 Custom Canopy
Shasta K (Reston, US)
build quality is top

We love our new setup from ABC! They designed our vision perfectly and it got hear so fast! The build quality is top notch and came out amazing!

S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
Diane B (Ashburn, US)
Amazing for outdoor markets!

Much easier to put up and take down. Had a rain scare and the walls went so easy. I’m very pleased with this purchase!!

S2 Premium 10x20 Custom Canopy
Anthony (Ashburn, US)
Awesome product and great quality!

print job looks great and catches the eye!!

Amazing for outdoor markets!

I used this tent at my first outdoor market this past weekend. I was selling handmade items, and needed a tent to protect them from the sun and wind. This tent was super easy to put up; I had multiple people on hand to help, but the instructions were clear and two of us were able to support the legs while one person stabilized it and popped it into place. The entire tent went up in less than 10 minutes. Breakdown was a breeze as well. The stakes were more than enough to keep the tent in place throughout the day (there was no wind), but we will definitely utilize weights and tie-downs for windier days in the future. So happy with my purchase!

The co-branded custom tent is simply fantastic! Access to both pages and the price is therefore very friendly. It's a good choice for a small business like mine. I love it!

Great product! We had a last minute event and this was amazing for it. Please keep in mind, if you are in a rush, to finalize the design it takes 24 hours to get one response with their design team. Regardless of this they were able to accommodate us for our event with a plain white top free of charge while our ordered one was being printed. Because of this, our event went amazing!

S2 Premium 10x20 Custom Canopy
Eric E. (Reston, US)

I had searched and searched for a company that would provide quality work and costumer service and ABCcanopy came through. I had a few bumps trying to get our design the way I wanted it but in the end, I am extremely pleased and grateful for their communication and service.

S2 Premium 10x10 Custom Canopy
Gretchen F. (Dallas, US)
Excellent Quality

Set up for the first time last night. Set up was smooth and easy. The only downfall seems to be the sagging in the front, causing the letter to not be totally visible. This might be solved with a front wall.

S2 Premium 10x15 Custom Canopy
Brandon (Chicago, US)
Nice Canopy

Good product overall. Happy with the print and quality of the materials, especially for the price. The frame is solid. The file was easy to set up; customer service responded quickly.